Remembering Logan...

People come and go. So do our pets. This one is for Logan. He was our dog for a short period of time. I think he deserves a space in the internet so I took it upon myself to ensure that the world knows he existed. I do not know when he was born and I was not able to record the exact date of his death but I will not forget him for a long time. 

That’s because whenever I see this picture of him (taken 2004), I recall the fond memories he painted in my mind. I am not an expert on dogs and I will not begin to pretend as one. I think it’s enough for anyone to see his photo to relate his behavior to the dogs you know.

The last time I remember seeing Logan was when he already lost some of his hair due to his illness. His energy has waned considerably and the usual noise he used to make whenever anyone of us in the family arrived has faded to a silent whisper. 

I knew then that his death was imminent but I refused to believe that he was going away for good. I missed his energy and enthusiasm that I often took for granted. I envy his spirit of delight wherever he was. In his youth, he was happy to be alive and he showed it every single minute.

If Logan were a salesman, I would surely buy from him. How could I not when his action alone energizes the people around him. His demeanour cannot conceal what’s inside his heart. He was always happy and he would lick you to show it! 

As I remember Logan, I am reminded of the fact that my own life will be fleeting compared to vastness of the universe. Like Logan, I will be forgotten which is not really a great concern to me. As long as I have done my best to live my life to the fullest, it’s good enough for me. Di ba Logan? J

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