Remembering Abril

I have known very few people who were as passionate as my friend, Abril G. Termulo. I wish I had more of that passion in me. That's why I felt a great sense of loss with his passing. I enjoyed his friendship so much that it's hard for me to think it's now over.

Whenever we were together, he spoke with such conviction that it's impossible to ignore him. He could be talking about work, music or personal issues, whatever it may be; he could grab hold of my attention each time. I thought it was so because of just who he was. He was a great storyteller who can pluck my focus from elsewhere and keep it with him for as long as he wanted.

It breaks my heart to say that I knew him since we were kids. And that we've managed to be really good friends even after completing school. I remember our badminton sessions in Tanza, specifically. Those will be etched in my memory as the precious times when we've been able to know each other better. I didn't think those will be my last memories of Abril. It was disheartening to learn that I was wrong about that.

Although I rarely open up to anyone about my own life, I didn't think twice sharing my innermost struggles with him. He was a good man who knew how to empathize with others. I found that I could trust him with anything. He made me realize that I had the capability to handle my own problems. He was indeed a rare friend to have that anyone wouldn't want to lose.

He knew how to have fun. He taught me to loosen up sometimes and just enjoy life a little more. Back then I thought some of what we did was excessive. I thought we were having too much fun when we could be doing something else. Now I wished his influence on me had been stronger. I understood his focus on the present was more important if I ever would like to live a happy life.

He was a people-person. I knew he cherished his relationships with friends and relatives more than anything. He enjoyed the company of others which he made me feel whenever we were together. I'm sure all of his friends felt the same.

We oftentimes talked about his kids and the challenges he faced raising them. I sensed his love for his two daughters and how dedicated he was to give them a good future. I am particularly saddened because his daughters lost him at such an early age. I pray that even with their loss, they would continue to pursue the dreams they had. Dreams that Abril surely wished he was there to see fulfilled.

With his short life in this world of ours, I knew Abril lived the best way he knew how. I can imagine the pain of losing such a good person and a good friend. There's so much for him to contribute which would have benefited those he loved and whoever he would have spent time with.

And because he left so early, we who he left behind would have to strive hard to continue the best way forward.

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