Running For Health of Both Mind and Body

I’m not a running fanatic. I don’t run marathons nor do I constantly jog on a daily basis. I’ve not been the most disciplined person when it comes to engaging in physical activities to make myself healthier. Although I hope I would be soon. 

But I do try to run every now and then. Mostly I run three times a week for half an hour each. That’s not much I know but that’s what I can do for now. I have struggled with it for a very long time. I knew I wanted to do it but cannot bring myself to do it consistently. 

To be honest, I don’t like feeling tired. I want to run but before I do, I foresee myself getting dog tired. I hate that.

But I have been gaining some ground against my lack of determination. Mostly I have been able to convince myself by making the obvious connections. What do I mean by this?

For some time now I’ve noticed that I lack energy. And I have always felt that the antidote for this condition is thru some form of spiritual renewal. In other words, I need to feed myself with something that will nourish my soul. That something should make me feel better - be more peaceful and content.

This nourishment, I have come to realize, is not easy to come by. I’ve found out I can’t have it by just sitting in my room reading books or surfing the net. I believe this nourishment is possible only through experience.

We’ve all heard the saying “experience is a great teacher”. This means that to learn something, you need to actually do it, feel it, experience how it is done.

With my lack of energy and need for spiritual renewal, I found running to be the answer. But what has running got to do with the spirit? 

Personally, when I run I feel the physical strains of exercise that I don’t feel living a sedentary life. It clears my head to think while my body is in a difficult state. I’m able to gain a different perspective from what I’m comfortable with. It’s like learning something new while you experience something different.

Believe it or not, it actually helps me process various information to make sense of things. I’m able to decipher what I really want. From there, I can decide how I want to proceed with whatever I feel is important for me.

I didn’t think running can do all these. I used to think it was just a good way to lose fats, improve your health or gain some stamina. But I never imagined it can also be a tool to nourish the spirit. It has been a form of meditation for me. The intersection of the body and the mind which can only be done through experience is rejuvenating. 

Nonetheless, I still have a long way to go to benefit from running as much as I could. There are things I’ve still yet to experience that will teach me more than I already know. I hope I get to do those things and learn from them sooner as I journey along. For now, let’s run!

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