How We Can Support Education to Fight Poverty

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If I were not lucky enough to finish my schooling, I’ll probably be someplace else. I would surely not be in my current job. I would not be an engineer. My fate would have been entirely different.

I can’t say that it certainly would have been worse than now, but I think the odds would have been against me.

When I contemplate the things that I thought I did right, I am most grateful to my parents for pushing me to study hard. They did the best they could to send me to a good school. I believe they did the right thing by me. I could not have wished for anything more.

This is not the case, however, for many young Filipinos. Instead of studying, poor kids spend their time elsewhere. Some of them need to work at a very young age. A few beg for food and money. Still some are drawn to doing drugs. A number of young people end up in prison.

Only a few of those who did not go to school get out of poverty.  Without education and training, it’s very difficult to get a job. Without a job, there are much fewer options to earn a living.

Of course, it’s still possible to prosper without formal schooling. Some people demonstrate their abilities to succeed despite having enormous odds stacked against them. But they are the exception rather than the rule. Not all people are as gifted. Most would be given a fair chance if they will get the education they surely need.

Being Reminded of What We Already Know

The Aetas living in the areas around Mount Pinatubo is one example. I have seen their plight first-hand when I went trekking with friends to see the crater lake.

As we traveled in our 4x4 jeep to get to the trek starting point, we saw a few of them walking along the way. Most of them were children. I can imagine that they have probably seen many tourist jeeps passing along that same road before.

They did what they can to get our attention. They asked for anything we can give them. I assumed they wanted food or money. I gave some of my food away and a few coins I had in my pocket. I can see that these children lacked nourishment and appropriate clothing. Most of them were unshod.

If You Think Education is Expensive, Try Ignorance

As I reflect on their difficulties as a group of people, I see just how education can potentially lift them up from want. I wish I could do more for them. They deserve our brotherly love as fellow Filipinos.

That’s why I dedicate this post as a gentle reminder. I believe we are all capable of helping. The government can only do so much. We, the people, can do our part. But sometimes we are caught up with our own problems that we fail to contribute.

I firmly believe that you and I care about the poor. Particularly, we want to help children who do not have the abilities to get out of poverty. I encourage you to help someone in need today so that more would be given the opportunity to have a better tomorrow.

Non-Profit Organizations That Can Help

Many non-profit organizations have the expertise to do the best to help in the most cost-effective manner. I support UNICEF Philippines in what they do in this regard. I know that my donations will give someone a fighting chance to get out of poverty.

I’m not wealthy or anything near that but I know that’s not a hindrance. We should help because we can. We are better off as a people if everyone lifts each other up for a better future.

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