What’s wrong with the world?

Sometimes you get so bored with everything you find yourself watching Iisa Pa Lamang. This crappy TV drama is not worth a single singkong duling. It’s all about obsession if you ask me. 

Everyone seems to be obsessed with someone else. Angelica is obsessed with Diether who in turn is obsessed with Claudine who is obsessed with Gabby and so on and so forth. 

I don’t think obsession should be flaunted to everybody’s face like that. That’s why I turn the TV off before I puke. Although I have to admit I struggle with obsession myself. I mean, who doesn’t? We’re all humans. Sometimes I get so obsessed with a thing, I think about it every single minute. 

I remember the time I got my first cellphone. It was a Nokia 5110. I almost worshipped the thing because it used to look so chic. It was so high tech I can text with it using one hand! I can even play Snakes with it! (even if the snake can easily be mistaken for a bulate) I didn’t want it out of my sight. I might have brought it with me while I took a bath or a shit or both. Whatever! 

I was stupid to be obsessed with it I know. I learned my lesson. From then on, not a single thing can grab my attention to the point of obsession or insanity or insuperable unexplainable desire.

To be obsessed with anything is to be crazy I say to myself. Sure enough a while later, I find myself obsessed again with this new gadget, this gorgeous lady, this new goal. What the heck is wrong with me? It’s entirely out of my hands. It’s the world’s problem! What is wrong with this freak world of ours? Answer: Freaks like me live in it!

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