What is grace all about?

As a child, I was not particularly fond of giving away something that I own. I can still remember instances when I was too eager to have similar things the other kids have. Maybe it was just the kid in me that made me think only of myself. Afterall, I have read from somewhere that as you grow up and mature you become less selfish. 

Nonetheless, I was a selfish kid. Or maybe it was due to the fact that I did not have money enough to buy myself the stuff that I wish I could have that made me that way. Lack might have spawned greed in me. We we're not well-off, I know, but I was so eager to play with the best robots and toy cars there were at the time that I often found myself lingering inside the marketplace just beside our elementary school in Naic after school hours. 

I certainly could not blame my parents for any of it since they were just so hardworking and loving that it would be extremely unfair to put any form of fault to them. I was who I was and I found nothing wrong with it.

There are many and varied instances and occurrences that would eventually change my character none of which I give credit to myself. I am just glad to note that I have not been the selfish greedy kid that I once was. (I hope this doesn't sound too proud when I tell it that way. I am not a philantrophist nor am I a saint.) One of the events leading to the changes or enlightenment (if you can call it that) happened when I read about the story and concept of "grace". 

Grace is a word I heard many times over in church but which I didn't really understand. I have equated grace with blessings which it is in a way but so much more. I've looked at it as God being generous and yet that is also an inadequate definition to say the least. But if not, what is it?

Grace, I came to understand, has been taught in the bible through many stories. There's the prodigal son who asked and got his share of his father's will and went on to squander it only to be welcomed back by his father's loving arms. There's the sinner who was nailed on the cross beside Jesus only to be forgiven and welcomed to the kingdom of heaven. 

There's the story of laborers hired at different hours of the day only to get equally the same wages after. But ultimately, there's the story of Jesus himself who was blameless and without sin but who was humiliated, nailed on the cross and died for the people who are totally undeserving of the love that God has given them.

As much as people learn about grace, it is equally important that we learn to give it as well. Not just mere benevolence which you may bestow to someone deserving but a gift that you are sure was given to the unworthy. It may defy fairness and justice but it will absolutely show love unconditionally... Happy new year! 

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