Is Global Warming for real?

Most would agree that the intense heat of summer is very unpleasant. A lot of people are complaining how hot it is today compared to previous summers. A trip to the beach is always a welcome respite although even there one will swear the sweltering heat. 

A lot of buzz is heard of lately about global warming and one can't help but think if this is an early indication of what's about to happen. The earth's climate is changing and the increase in the average temperature of its surface and oceans in recent decades and its projected continuation is what is being called global warming. 

Scientists believed that this phenomenon is very likely due to the observed increase in greenhouse gas concentrations trapping solar heat. These are human-induced factors which need to be addressed if we do not want to experience an increase in earth's temperature of up to 6.4 degrees C until the year 2100. 

Some of the expected effects of global warming are sea level rise due to the melting of polar ice caps, changes in rainfall patterns which could lead to droughts or increased rains, stronger and more frequent typhoons, among others. 

Although a lot of debate is taking place among scientists, politicians, economists and world leaders about whether or not the findings are conclusive, whether we need to act or what actions are effective and whether the projected impact is accurate, it would not hurt to do our part early on. 

The UN emphasizes that the economic risk is greater for the developing countries such as the Philippines. We should begin taking steps now.

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