What is a prisoner of hope?

When the break of dawn appears on the horizon, what do you see? How do you feel? I sure hope you feel like I do - that the day is about to start and will soon prove itself to be a good day indeed! I have my share of life's difficulties and unfairness but I see no reason why the next day can't be better than yesterday. 

I am now just starting to see the benefits of being a prisoner of hope. I can honestly tell you that optimism can be learned because I have learned it. Being a prisoner of hope is a choice that anybody can make and I would dare say it is what everyone should strive to be.

How you respond to a painful experience or a heart-breaking defeat will determine the course of your life. That is because everyone will surely experience setbacks in the fulfillment of his or her dreams. Those who will succeed believe not in the permanence of obstacles and problems. The fact that nothing is permanent in this world is accepted by everyone but sometimes people think their problems are there to stay. This is a devastating mistake. 

If you will always tell yourself that no problem is permanent, then you will gain courage and energy to still move on and continue in spite of hindrances. The people who will succeed does not believe in the pervasiveness of their problems. They will see a particular problem as a challenge in a single area of life but it cannot control them nor make them generalize that all is hopeless due to it. 

Furthermore, the people that will succeed do not have the limiting belief of seeing themselves as the problem. In other words, they won't take failure as a personality defect but it will cause them to modify their approach.

These concepts are all simple that you may think I am just pointing out the obvious. If you think that, then you are correct. You don't need to get a PhD on human psychology to understand these things but it will help a lot to remember them because as simple as they may seem, these are the stuff that will make you a prisoner of hope.

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