Hi I’m Joel Olave. Welcome to my blog!

If you’ve read some of my posts, you could be wondering what type of blog this is. Blogs are often differentiated by what they talk about.

If you read some more, you’ll notice it’s difficult to categorize what I have written so far to a particular niche.

A niche helps the blogger to narrow his topics. It may help him focus his message to his intended audience.

Examples of niche blogs are about health, cooking, finance, business, writing, and more. I believe there’s a niche blog just about everything that you can think of.

This blog, however, is about my thoughts and feelings. It mirrors who I am. Being as they are, these thoughts and feelings cannot be confined to a particular niche.

I do not intend, however, to discuss just about anything here. My personality, my education, my profession, my environment, my experiences – they all influence what I write about.

I want to write about the things that I believe in, those that I may have a strong opinion about, things that are important to me.

Why do I want to write?

There are many reasons. But primarily I write because I want:
  1. To think clearly
  2. To create
  3. To express myself
  4. To contribute
  5. To share
I should mention that I am an engineer. I was educated to be a mechanical engineer and now work as a process engineer.

I am a Filipino. I live in Pampanga, Philippines with my family.

With billions and billions of written articles in the internet, I understand the vast amount of options people have of which to read.

But I came to realize writing is not only about being read. That’s part of it but not all of it.

Everyone thinks people should do what makes them happy. I agree!

To my heart’s content, I will write!