100 Million Mbps – The Fastest Proven Broadband Internet Speed

I got hold of some interesting news a few months back which says that you can get 112 Mbps broadband internet from SkyBroadband for 20,000 pesos a month. While a 1,000 Mbps connection in Singapore will cost something like 13,000 pesos. 

Although these speeds are really nice to have, the cost of owning them is too high for any average income earner. Hopefully these will be affordable in the years to come as high broadband speeds get more widespread.

Three Months of HD Video Per Second

These broadband connection speeds are miniscule, however, compared to what was demonstrated by two separate research groups. Dayou Qian of NEC and Jun Sakaguchi of Japan's National Institute of Information and Communications Technology both reported reaching 100 terabit per second speeds through a 165 km of fibre. 

To put matters in perspective this speed is the same as 100,000,000 Mbps. Apparently, this speed is capable of delivering three months of HD video or the equivalent of 250 double-sided Blu-ray discs in a second.

No Use for Now

Experts do not see any commercial needs for such speeds however except maybe inside the giant data centers of Google, Facebook and Amazon. Still, the thought of HD video delivered over an internet connection without a hitch is an exciting development to anticipate. Let’s hope it comes to us soon enough.

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